Top 5 Activities to be carried out in the city of funchal in summer 2021

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Top 5 Activities to be carried out in the city of funchal in summer 2021

The city of Funchal has unique characteristics that make Madeira Island even more charming. From the natural beauty of an authentic nature, to the unforgettable gastronomic experience that the island offers. In addition, you will identify this region as the perfect destination for carrying out several memorable radical activities.

In this city you can enjoy a good dish of Madeiran cuisine and take short walks along the Funchal promenade. If you want to know a little more about the history of the island of Madeira, you can visit the various museums located in the city of Funchal and the various pieces on display. On the beautiful beaches located in Funchal, you can enjoy the beautiful sunny days recurring in the region, throughout the year.

Come and visit the city of funchal and enjoy the many attractions that it offers

1. Discover the museums located in Funchal

Museum of Sacred Art

In the city of Funchal you will find several museums that portray the history of the region. With the various pieces on display and old photographs, you will be able to learn a little more about the city of Funchal, as well as the rest of the counties. The Museum of Sacred Art is one of several museums located in the city of funchal, it is one of the oldest and best preserved museums in this city and it is made up of collections of painting, sculpture, jewelery and vestments, from the period between the XNUMXth and XIX.

On the other hand, you can also visit the CR7 Museum, which depicts the life course of the player Cristiano Ronaldo, represented by trophies won by the Madeiran throughout his career, among other museums, which portray the magnificent history of the region. As the visit to museums is an enriching and interesting activity, you cannot fail to do it during your next vacation in the region.

2. Ride the cable car

Funchal City Cable Car

Funchal Cable Car

One of the major tourist attractions located in the city of Funchal is the cable car. The cable car rides attract several tourists to the region, who do not give up on getting to know the magnificent landscape provided by this tour. The cable car located in the Old Town, connects the city of Funchal to the parish of Monte, in approximately fifteen minutes, offering a panoramic view of the city center to the mountains surrounding the town of Monte.

In the cable car there are thirty-nine cabins with seven seats each, and you can take this tour in the company of a group of friends or family. In addition, the cable car ride allows you to observe a breathtaking view over the bay and the valleys of Funchal. With this activity, you will get to know better the beautiful landscapes that cover this Atlantic island, making your stay unforgettable.

3. Practice radical activities

Diving in Madeira

The subtropical climate of Madeira Island allows a safe practice of the various radical activities for its visitors and also residents. In addition to diving, surfing, paragliding and hang gliding, among other extreme sports practiced in the region, you can make memorable boat trips, where you will observe different species, while enjoying the sea breeze, in a mild and relaxing climate.

During some tours, you can dive and relax in the waters of the region, which will provide you with a unique moment that will make your stay worthwhile. Canoeing is also a radical sport often practiced in the city of funchal, due to the mild temperature characteristic of the region, and diving can also be considered on your next visit to the city, being able to resort to one of the diving centers located in the marina of Funchal , in which you can meet several marine species.

4. Know the beaches of Funchal
In Funchal you will find several beaches and bathing complexes where you can enjoy beautiful sunny days, in the hottest time of the year, although there is a mild climate throughout most of the year. The largest public beach on the island of Madeira is Praia Formosa, consisting of four sand and pebble beaches. This is connected to the lido promenade that connects it to the wolf chamber and, its safety is guaranteed during the bathing season, by a team of lifeguards.

In addition to this beach, you can also enjoy the bathing complex, Doca do Cavacas, well known by residents and also by visitors from the region. This is a complex located in Lido and Praia Formosa, also having access to the lido promenade and, in which it features a natural volcanic pool, with direct access to the sea, with changing rooms, surveillance, restaurant and bar. In addition to the beautiful beach and the Doca do Cavacas beach complex, you will be able to discover and enjoy other beaches in the region that will provide you, like these, with unique moments.

5. Know the local gastronomy

Traditional Madeiran Food

Madeiran cuisine is one of the region's great attractions, offering visitors good memories and reasons for returning to the region on their future holidays. Given this, Madeira Island has a great offer of restaurants and snack bars with typical Madeiran dishes, which represent this region in the best way. In the city of funchal we can find several exceptional restaurants that will allow you to have a memorable gastronomic experience.

In the center of the city of funchal, you can find restaurants qualified to serve you great regional dishes. In the old part of the city, characterized by its narrow cobbled streets and old house facades, of great architectural and heritage value, you will be able to visit several restaurants where they make various typical Madeiran dishes, namely, the beef skewer on laurel stick and the well-known bolo do caco with butter and garlic, among other traditional dishes of the region.

In Funchal you can enjoy the best that Madeira Island has to offer its visitors

When visiting Madeira Island, you cannot miss the city of Funchal, which has several attractions to be enjoyed by its visitors and also residents. By carrying out the various activities proposed, you will get to know the region better and enjoy all that it has to offer.

In addition to these five activities presented above, there are others that will make your stay an unforgettable adventure, namely the typical levadas, which lead you to discover the magnificent nature that encompasses the Madeira Island and the boat trips that take you to discover the Desertas Islands or the Porto Santo island, while enjoying a beautiful boat ride.

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