Porto Santo, your family's home on New Year's Eve.

Friday, October 26, 2018 | News

After 3 years it is already a tradition!
Vila Baleira Resort again prepares a New Year's Eve full of good things.
No stresses, worries, traffic queues and last-minute runs. Here, run, just for pleasure, along the beach or on the hikes of the hills that surround us.
They will be 3 days dedicated to you and the direct flight leaves Lisbon on the 29th.
3 days all inclusive, gastronomy, thalassotherapy, music, party and our New Year's Eve gala. The radio will be the queen of a night that wants to be unique and unforgettable, that's what we're working for. But we have more, much more, each night a different emotion.

Bairro do amor will have a place at Vila Baleira Resort, we will have the pleasure of hosting Jorge Palma in an intimate concert on the 29th. The artist needs no introduction, and each concert is unique. An unavoidable name in Portuguese music that marks all generations in an unforgettable way and invites us to feeling.

On the 30th we give a voice to fado, by the way, we don't, that in the resort we don't have great fado talent, organizing the party is more our “wave”. Fado, the eternal Portuguese song

arrives in Porto Santo through the voice ofMarco Rodrigues, Marco Rodrigues only knows, until the age of fifteen, that fado is a musical genre and that his greatest diva is Amália Rodrigues. Fate wanted fado to enter his life, without asking permission, .. and his whole life changed. It is an honor to receive the time of Marco.

And speaking of the radio, of course, the DJs practically resident on our New Year's Eve could not miss it. Ana Isabel Arroja (Rádio Comercial) and Francisco Gil (M80) ensure a New Year's Eve to the rhythm of the 80's and rock that fills us with good memories of life.

In addition, of course, our gastronomy, our thalassotherapy and treatments, the natural beauty of Porto Santo, walks on the beach, horseback riding, in short… the little oasis in the middle of the Atlantic that the Portuguese have discovered awaits you , with a warm and comfortable temperature, the legend says, that in the past years the weather has been so good that it allows a beautiful hot dip in the waters of the Atlantic ântico

Come to Porto Santo.
For more information, consult your travel agency or contact us

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