Vila Baleira Resort Is A Finalist Of The World Travel Awards

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 | Highlights, News

Os World Travel Awards they have been organized since 1993 and distinguish the best hotels and destinations from around the world. In recent years, Portugal and the destination Madeira and Porto Santo have been winners in several categories, now it's time for Vila Baleira Resort to be a finalist in the category Europe’s Leading Family & Wellness Resort 2019.

Yes, we are on the final list, among the 8 Resorts that are candidates for the Best Family Wellness Resort in Europe, but it is the votes of the families that decide who among the 8 will be the winner.

We would like to be able to count on your vote. A few minutes of your time, your family's wishes, can make a difference in this challenge that we face with the humility of those who, regardless of the prizes, always do their best to make families happy.

Voting is very simple.

A simple registration and a vote at Vila Baleira Resort here:

In case of doubts or difficulties in voting, we will be happy to help via social media or other means.

Our thanks in advance and even in Porto Santo 🙂


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