Discover some activities you can do in porto santo in 2021

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Discover some activities you can do in porto santo in 2021

The island of porto santo has some attractions for you to enjoy a complete stay. In addition to the various activities available, you can choose to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach, as well as an unforgettable gastronomic experience, in the wonderful restaurants on the island.

When visiting the island of Porto Santo, you will recognize the various characteristics provided by the nature of the region, especially if you make the beautiful walking routes available on the island. You can also visit the old house of Christopher Columbus as well as the tennis courts, where you can practice the sport, the Clube Naval do Porto Santo and the diving center of the region.

Enjoy your stay on Porto Santo Island to enjoy the various activities offered in the region

Walking routes

Pico Branco Footpath and Terra Chã

Vereda do Pico Branco and Terra Chã - Photo by: Visit Madeira


Walking routes are one of the most beautiful activities to do on Porto Santo Island. During your stay in the region, you can take the Vereda do Pico Branco and Terra Chã, where, through a journey of one and a half hours and with a distance of 2,7 kilometers, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape characteristic of the region . Along the way, you will know the place where the largest number of specimens of the best preserved indigenous flora was recorded, having been traced for the passage of donkeys with cargo.

On the other hand, Porto Santo also offers the Vereda do Pico Castelo, where in a 3,2 km walk and a duration of one and a half hours, or two hours and fifteen minutes, depending on the route, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by the island, as well as contact with the fauna and flora of the region.

Take advantage of these walks on the island of Porto Santo to enjoy good times, characterized by a beautiful and aromatic landscape, which will provide you with a stay full of adventures.

Christopher Columbus House Museum

Christopher Columbus House Museum in Porto Santo

Christopher Columbus House Museum - Photo by: Visit Madeira

The visit to the Casa Museu de Cristóvão Colombo is one of the activities that you cannot fail to do, since you will be able to appreciate various historical elements in this museum. From portraits, maps and pieces of the Dutch galleon Sloot Ter Hooge, you will be able to see the set of buildings uniformed by works from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century.

The museum has been open to the public since 1989 and, over time, has undergone several adaptations of its museum content. This one is divided into two floors, in which a store and a temporary exhibition room are arranged on the ground floor, focusing on themes of Portuguese maritime expansion and, on the first floor, three thematic rooms are identified.
In this museum you will find a north wall of the main building that remained despite the various construction campaigns, where two gothic windows can be seen. This activity will bring you closer to the culture and history of the region, which proves to be very interesting and consistent.

Porto Santo Naval Club

Porto Santo Naval Club

Clube Naval do Porto Santo - Photo by: Visit Madeira

Clube Naval do Porto Santo was founded in 1982 and deals with water sports, namely sailing and canoeing, periodically organizing meetings and regattas. In addition, this non-profit association also covers kayaking, swimming and SUP, dedicated to the dissemination of these activities among residents and visitors.

On this island you can practice these sports, enjoying good times near the beautiful beaches of the region, which attract many visitors to the Island of Porto Santo, at various times of the year. This association has a flexible opening hours, being open from Monday to Friday, between nine and eighteen hours.

Porto Santo tennis court

Porto Santo tennis court - Photo by: Complexo Tenis Porto Santo

Tennis court - Photo by: Porto Santo Tennis Complex

The island of Porto Santo offers its residents and visitors a tennis court, being able to practice this sport at various times, throughout the week, in the best complex of tennis courts in the region and, one of the best in the country. This, is located in an area close to the golf course, presenting the main equipment so that high competition tournaments can be held.

This is made up of the main stadium, with benches with provision for a thousand people, five secondary fields and two paddel courts. In addition, this sports structure contains a modern club house, which includes a store, a bar / restaurant, several rooms, an infirmary and changing rooms.

In this complex you can enjoy moments of relaxation, provided by the practice of this sport, resorting whenever necessary to the other establishments that belong to this complex.

Diving in Porto Santo

Diving in Porto Santo

Diving in Porto Santo - Photo by: Visit Madeira

Diving is an extreme sport that you can practice on Madeira Island and also on Porto Santo Island. You can count on these regions, with several diving schools and companies specializing in excursions, baptisms and equipment rental, which will provide you with a complete and unforgettable diving experience.

The island of porto santo presents several marine species, in which, when venturing into the crystalline waters of the archipelago of Madeira, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy good times. That said, you should visit the diving center of Porto Santo, which offers recreational diving trips, diving baptisms and some courses so that you can improve your knowledge.
Porto Santo is the perfect island to carry out this activity and, therefore, you cannot fail to experience diving in the waters of the region and discover the best that the island has to offer to its residents and visitors.

Do not miss the opportunity to carry out these activities that will make your stay special

Porto Santo Island has several attractions that include the activities explained above and others, which were not mentioned throughout this article, but which are essential for you to know and experience so that you can appreciate and enjoy the best of the island. In addition to the beautiful beach, which attracts many visitors to the region during the year, you can also enjoy the good times provided by all the activities available throughout your stay. stay in the village Baleira Resort Porto Santo.

Come and visit Porto Santo Island and all that it has to offer to its residents and visitors, which includes good accommodation for a stay with all the comfort, beautiful beaches and levadas and the various activities so that you can enjoy a vacation. unforgettable, through the well-being that is provided.

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