The Famous Lambecas Do Porto Santo

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The Famous Lambecas Do Porto Santo

Porto Santo is an island that has a lot to offer to those who visit it and to those who reside there, despite being small, it is adored and admired for its beauty, its gastronomy, its beautiful golden sand beach, hiking, and the varied attractions that the island offers to all who reside and visit it.

One of the influencing factors in the choice of Porto Santo as a tourist destination, in addition to museums, and features mentioned earlier, are the so-called Lambecas do Porto Santo, which today are adored and famous all over the world and even cause queues and queues of people. wait until people are able to get their desired ice cream.

The lambecas of Porto Santo, are a typical ice cream of the island founded by Mr. João dos Reis Leão more than fifty years ago. These ice creams are typically served in wafer cones, of different sizes, and have about 25 different flavors prepared homemade by the owner himself which makes the ice cream even more tasty and loved by all who taste this Portuguese delicacy, these ice creams they are a gastronomic reference and have several years of tradition, some say that going to Porto Santo and not eating a lambeca is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.

The origin of Lambecas in Porto Santo

It was in the late 50s, more specifically in 1958, that the Porto Santo ice cream originated, better known as Lambecas do Porto Santo. Initially the kiosk was built in wood and only later did it become its current appearance.

Lambecas do Porto Santo started to be called lambecas by a customer who spontaneously gave the ice cream the same name, initially the founder of the ice cream parlor does not like the name, but over time and with the fact that he fell into good graces from the population of Porto Santo the ice creams ended up being called Lambecas.

This name, Lambeca, comes from the verb lick, and today it is already found in the dictionary with the definition of “machine ice cream” and “machine ice cream, typical of Porto Santo, very creamy and with different flavors, which is used in wafer cone ”.

Where are Lambecas?

The lambecas kiosk in Porto Santo can be found in the center of Vila Baleira, next to the pillory, located in the small square near the church path. To make it easier to visit this ice cream shop and taste this delicacy admired in different corners of the world, just walk to Rua Dr. Nuno Silvestre Teixeira, in Porto Santo and wait in the long line that forms in front of the kiosk to get your desired lambeca , or try the lambecas in the morning when everyone is on the beach and there is little or no line.

Why are lambecas so famous?

The Lambecas of Porto Santo are a creamy, handmade ice cream, taken from the same machine since its opening, although there is a current machine the customer still prefers the ice cream to be removed from the old one because they believe that it becomes special because it is removed in the machine old and not the new.

The famous lambecas from Porto Santo are served in artisan wafer cups, which in the past have had different sizes and the smallest was the size of a little finger, nowadays the options of this artisan cone used to serve ice cream are only known as simple cone, double cone or else the cup.

These ice creams are known for having a flavor that distinguishes them from other ice creams, and for not being the typical ice cream ball that we are used to seeing and consuming, but rather an ice cream taken from the machine in a spiral shape. Currently, there is no knowledge of the secret used in the making of the lambs in Porto Santo and what makes them so delicious that they are all surrendered to them, because the owner wants to keep his cooking secret well kept and he believes that the secret is the soul of your business, because there is no other ice cream like yours.

What flavors can you find from the famous Lambecas of Porto Santo?

These ice creams, which today have become the icon of Porto Santo Island, have more than 25 different flavors, including pineapple and peach, wafer and coffee, orange and banana, chocolate and banana, currant and vanilla, orange, lemon, coconut, cream, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, passion fruit or cinnamon are some of the flavors that make up the ice creams that make the mouth water of everyone who lives there or visits the island.

Lambecas are for everyone and can be eaten all year round

Lambecas do Porto Santo are ice creams that pass from generation to generation, admired by both kids and adults and even by the various presidents of the republic and the regional government.

These ice creams can be eaten all year round, but are in great demand in the summer, especially in the late afternoon, after a day on the beautiful 9km golden sand beach that Porto Santo has, and at night is when the queues, with orders from minute to minute, to taste the lambecas of Porto Santo, extend through the square, after dinner, discovering Portuguese gastronomy and even a beautiful walk through the beautiful island of Porto Santo using this delicacy as dessert.

You cannot miss the opportunity to taste the wonderful Lambecas of Porto Santo and experience a unique stay on the island

The island of Porto Santo is filled with several unique features that make it stand out in the world. Come and enjoy a beautiful stay, preferring a good local accommodation and experiencing a beautiful gastronomic experience, especially to taste the famous Lambecas of Porto Santo, and knowing all the rest that this island has to offer.

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know the wonderful culture of this island better, with a vast number of traditions that will make your experience on the island unforgettable.

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